Roxy auto-config
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Roxy auto-config take their audience on a trip to extraterrestrial sound worlds. Todd Harrop (percussion, electronics) and Nora-Louise Müller (clarinets, Bohlen-Pierce clarinets) play their own compositions and free improvisations in alternative tunings, and present exotic harmonic worlds
enhanced by electronics.

The Bohlen-Pierce scale uses a different harmonic frame than the usual octave, i.e., the perfect twelfth divided into 13 steps. For this reason, the scale can hardly be played on normal acoustic instruments and needs a somewhat different compositional treatment than other tuning systems to unfurl its inherent tonal beauty. The experiment succeeds through special instruments (clarinets in Bohlen-Pierce) and electronic sounds: New sounds and harmonics create other-wordly music.

Bohlen-Pierce clarinets are exclusively made by Stephen Fox, Toronto. The ensemble also presents some works for Bohlen-Pierce clarinets from their repertoire by Canadian and European composers.

Popular excerpts from our current program:

Manfred Stahnke: Die Vogelmenschen von St. Kilda - Listen
Roxy auto-config: Serendipity
- Listen
Roxy auto-config: Thirteen-Sixteen - Listen
Roxy auto-config: What's Your Name? - Listen
Johannes Kretz: Hoquetus II - Listen

More music can be found on our soundcloud page.

Roxy auto-config

        photo: Christian Ruvolo


May 24th+25th 2014

Bilderfluss - a project by Theater Combinale;
 Hansetag 2014

November 2nd 2013
St. Petri Lübeck

with Viva Voce
May 17, 2013
Hamburg, Jupi-Bar im Gängeviertel

Roxy auto-config und Carola Schaal (Klarinette)

Das Konzert ist Teil von blurred edges, 16 Tage aktuelle Musik in Hamburg,
3 - 18. Mai.

blurred edges 2013 wird gefördert von der Kulturbehörde der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg und der Hamburgischen Kulturstiftung.

February 3, 2013
EURO Microfest
Kunsthochschule für
Köln, Filzengraben 2

lectures about the BP scale and music by Roxy auto-config
October 12, 2012
Montréal, Canada
4374 Saint-Laurent

Xenharmonic Spaces
August 15, 2012
Kulturcafé Tonfink
Große Burgstr. 46

Xenharmonic Spaces
May 19, 2012
Fabrik im Gängeviertel

Blurred Edges:

Roxy auto- config - Xenharmonic Spaces
TinaZAHRT - Die Grenzenbegrinser

October 22, 2011

Montreal, Canada
Le cagibi
5490 St. Laurent

Strange Instruments!
Todd Harrop (objets trouvés), Nora-Louise Müller (strange and unstrange clarinets), Robin Streb (overtone viola) and Myfanwy Alderson (5-string bass pochette) play music of the moment

October 20, 2011
Montreal, Canada
185 Van Horne

Improvised music performance; duo Roxy auto-config (Todd Harrop and Nora-Lousie Müller) on Bohlen-Pierce clarinets, percussion and electronics; also playing: Géraldine Eguiluz's Rubedo

January 22, 2011
Hamburg, Jarrestraße

Festival klub katarakt: Lange Nacht
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Roxy auto-config feat. Arturo Grolimund